give thanks…then get ready

We are officially on Thanksgiving Break…which means the real fun is about to begin. Please be praying for everyone in the production and the people who will be coming to see it. Spiritual warfare is hard.

A quick look at the upcoming schedule:

  • Saturday, November 30 is tech setup day. Tech and backstage crews will begin setting up for the last two weeks of rehearsal.
  • Sunday, December 1 is Tech Rehearsal, after second service. Everyone who has a speaking part is needed. There will be lunch for you, then we will go beginning-to-end. This might take awhile, so be prepared.
  • Monday, December 2 – EVERYONE is required for this full rehearsal. This is the first rehearsal for Scrooge Chorus. We will go through all the songs, with the intro/outro of each song. IF YOU ARE IN SCROOGE CHORUS, PLEASE REVIEW THE POSITION CHARTS ON THE CHOREOGRAPHY PAGE so that you have an idea of where you will be on stage. We will go over it all and make sure you know what you’re doing. (The main thing you are doing is singing and smiling)

If you are at all confused about anything, please email tim as soon as possible. We may repeat ourselves a lot over the next few weeks, but we would rather over-communicate than leave you confused.