heading into December

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re back at it this weekend. Here are some things to know. (This might be long…keep reading!)

One final script revision has been posted on the Script page. This fixes some minor issues, and gives one mid-major change for Angel #1.

If you have any kind of speaking part, you are NEEDED for Sunday afternoon’s rehearsal. We’ll have lunch for you, then spend a few hours getting things set for the tech crews.

THE SCROOGE SING-A-LONG is for EVERYONE! (except for the kids in the schoolroom scene) We will be performing all songs, INCLUDING CHOREOGRAPHY. If you have a solo or duet, you might not be doing your solo or duet for the sing-a-long…but you might. We hope to have a final script available soon.I can’t say this strongly enough: the singalong is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be GREAT fun!

EVERYONE is needed on Monday, as we begin working through the whole show. Be READY TO GO at 7pm. We will need to work quickly. If you are in the Scrooge Chorus, please go the Choreography page on the Scrooge website and familiarize yourself with which groups you are in and where you are supposed to be on the stage. We will help you get where you need to be, but if you know your Group # and Entry #’s, it will help us all.

Please remember to pray daily for everyone involved and for those who will be coming to see the show. We believe this is a God-appointed meeting for those who need to know His message for their lives.