Rehearsal tonight; updated cast lists posted

It’s a musical night tonight as we get closer to the big weekend. There are only THREE WEEKS OF REHEARSAL LEFT before Thanksgiving! Here’s tonight’s schedule…

Tuesday, November 5
7:00 Schoolroom Scene
Location: Studio 7
7:00 RTB Location: Auditorium
8:00 WYS (No schoolchildren) Location: Auditorium
8:30 People Location: Auditorium

A reminder: If you are in the Scrooge Chorus, you do not rehearse until December 1.

The Schedule for the next three weeks is available on the Schedule page. It is the same as the larger schedule, but is formatted on one page for quick viewing.

We have also updated the Cast List page. There have been some changes and corrections to roles and other details. These lists show you which songs you are part of.