One rehearsal this week

Only ONE rehearsal this week, so be sure to be there…on time!

[Clarification: Scrooge Chorus doesn’t rehearse until after Thanksgiving. This has not changed.]

Schedule for Tuesday, October 29…

6:30 Angel 1 – Location: Auditorium

7:00 Schoolroom Scene – Location: Studio 7

7:00 RTB – Location: Auditorium

7:00 [22-28] Scrooge, Angel 2, Cratchits/Grimsleys – Location: Hall

7:30 WYS (No schoolchildren) – Location: Auditorium

7:30 [18/21] Young Adult Scrooge, Belle – Location: Choir Room

8:30 People – Location: Auditorium

Cast list revision posted

We have posted the latest revision to the cast list, catching up on some people who were missed and correcting some small errors in song assignments.

The cast list also shows which songs you are in. Remember, if you are listed in a song (and you are NOT part of the Chorus), then you are NEEDED when we rehearse the song.

View the updated cast lists at

And welcome to some new names we added to this year’s cast: Ezekiel Horshor, Aiden Jenkins, Bennet Peterson, Greg Pounders, and Caroline Ramp.

It’s a big night tonight (10/22/19)

BIG NIGHT TONIGHT!!! The BIG Rehearsals begin for all townspeople (this does NOT include the Scrooge Chorus or schoolchildren). We will begin the official choreography rehearsals. You can do last-minute prep for tonight by going to the MUSIC and CHOREOGRAPHY pages.

7:00 RTB Location: Auditorium

7:00 [34] Scrooge, Bob/Caroline/Martha/Jennifer Cratchit Location: Hall

7:30 [24-28] Scrooge, Bob/Caroline/Martha/Jennifer/ Tim/Grandma Cratchit Location: Hall

8:00 WYS (No schoolchildren) Location: Auditorium

8:30 People Location: Auditorium

One more schedule change; choreography workshop next sunday!

We’ve moved things around one more time (we’re trying to make the best use of your time), so we’ve published one more schedule change.

This will NOT affect most of you…but PAWNBROKER, WINSTON, and PERSON #1, PERSON #2, PERSON #3, PERSON #4 should take special note! We’ve moved your rehearsal from this Tuesday and relocated it to November 21.

This is also a chance to remind you that there will be a Choreography Workshop next Sunday, October 20, after the second service, in the Auditorium. This is an optional workshop, but will be a very good way to get ready for our first Townspeople Rehearsal on the 22nd. It will also be very useful for you if this is your first year in Scrooge.

ALL LINES MUST BE MEMORIZED AT THIS POINT. From this point on, scripts will not be allowed as we rehearse. (Bring them for reference and to make notes, though.)

SPEAKING OF SCRIPTS…there is also a revised script available. This is just an update to fix some typos and formatting issues. (It’s now only 51 pages long, instead of 52:)

If you have any issues or questions, please let us know. We’re praying for you and what God is going to do through you!

Revised schedule

The Scrooge Production Calendar has been revised as of October 7, 2019. (PLEASE THROW YOUR OLD CALENDARS/SCHEDULES AWAY!)

Please check the schedule carefully. Times and days may have changed for some of your rehearsals. (Some have even been eliminated altogether.)

And please stay connected. Last-minute changes due to sickness and other unforeseen circumstances are always possible. Please call or text Pastor Tim if you are not able to make your scheduled rehearsal.

More ways to communicate

We’ve created more ways for you to stay updated on Scrooge news and information. Let’s count the ways…

(1) The website remains the primary source for script updates, schedules, cast lists, music, and more.

(2) We have also created a Facebook group for conversations, updates, and news. If you are on Facebook, you can request to be part of the Scrooge 2019 Cast & Crew group. This is a closed group, so only members of the cast and crew are eligible to join. You can help us by inviting fellow cast and crew members to the group. All membership requests must be approved by the group administrators.

[NOTE: These news updates will no longer be posted to Faith’s Scrooge Facebook page, only to the group.]

(3) You can also receive updates via text message. Text “@Scrooge” to 81010 to join our Remind text message group.

(4) Finally, there is the Wait…did we say that already? Yes, we did. But the option here is to sign up to receive these posts by email (as some of you already do). Just enter your email address in the box on the front page of the web site.

And if you have any questions, or need help with any of this, email or

Cast revealed, year 30 underway

Scrooge 2019 kicked off with the Cast Reveal and Script Read Through Tuesday night in the Hall. A mixture of new and old cast members shared candy, snacks, lots of laughs and a peek into the 30th year of Scrooge at Faith.

The cast list, scripts, schedule, and music have all been posted on the website. [Email for this year’s password to the script and music.]

Everyone who signed up to participate on-stage should check the cast list for what they have been assigned. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR NAME ON THE CAST LIST please contact us right away. There have been a couple people who signed up, but we did not receive notification. We don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to participate in this year’s production.

Auditions begin August 28

Auditions for speaking and singing roles onstage begin Wednesday, August 28. If you are new to being involved in Scrooge, please sign up for an audition. Even if you do not want a speaking role, if you want to be onstage, we want to speak with you. Click on the Audition Signup link at the top of the page for more information.

Everyone who wants to be involved should also submit a participation form. This includes onstage and behind-the-scenes roles. Click on the Participation Signup link at the top of the page for more information.

Information and news for Scrooge cast and support personnel